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Why become a member

Why become a SHAFFE member?

  • SHAFFE fosters, promotes, lobbies for and represents the interests of Members exporting fresh fruit produce from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere.
  • SHAFFE monitors on an ongoing basis all legislative developments and changes that affect all markets supplied by Southern Hemisphere fresh fruit producers.
  • SHAFFE provides a forum for the discussion of matters of common interest for the Southern Hemisphere fresh fruit industry, such as logistics, packaging, phytosanitary issues, and information relating to specific markets.
  • SHAFFE monitors the accessibility of markets and any unfair trade practices there-in in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • SHAFFE provides information about issues arising out of the World Trade Organisation that may affect producers and/or distributors of fresh fruit produce in countries of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • SHAFFE offers support to Members in their relationships with other Members and third parties.

How to become a SHAFFE member?

SHAFFE is open to any applicant being a person, corporate body or other entity from each country exporting fresh fruit produce from the Southern Hemisphere.

Please contact the secretariat if you are interested in joining SHAFFE at shaffe@shaffe.net.

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