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SHAFFE U.S. meeting in Anaheim/California: Global SHAFFE exports continue to grow!

The latest SHAFFE meeting took place on the 19th of October 2019 in Anaheim/California. The U.S. meeting is always a good occasion not only to review the market developments in the USMCA (United States – Mexico- Canada Areement) markets but also for a moment of contemplation on the global market developments. Therefore, this years meeting kicked off with the global trade figures until 2018. SHAFFE exports amounted in 2018 around 9.4 mio T with a market value of $ 14.4 billion USD… [ Read more ]

SHAFFE – The network for Southern Hemisphere fruit traders

Global fruit trade in an ever complex environment requires good preparation, informed knowledge exchange and a solid network. SHAFFE – The Southern Hemisphere Association for Fresh Fruit Exporters provides a safe space for exchange, market analysis and policy monitoring among the most relevant Southern Hemisphere fresh fruit traders from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Uruguay and South Africa. SHAFFE represents national umbrella associations as well as commodity related organisations, summing up a trade value of more than $14.4 billion USD and 10 mio. T of export into relevant key markets all over the world. (Trademap data, 2018).

SHAFFE was founded in the early 1990’s as a network of traders to discuss together the most relevant market access matters for fresh fruit trade: sanitary and phytosanitary issues as well as tariff and non-tariff barriers. Since then, globalization, digitization, climate change, regulatory complexity and growing political turmoil have been impacting the global fruit trade endeveaors. SHAFFE has been accompanying it’s members in identifying common challenges, understanding complexity in SPS and food safety and preparing not only the next season of fruit trade, but the upcoming years ahead. Through a structure, designed and driven by the vision of our membership, through regular meetings in geographically relevant key markets and a strong communication and market analysis approach, SHAFFE has been able to support fast and safe trade of fresh fruits all over the world.

SHAFFE members – Global leaders in fresh fruit trading

10 Billion ton

$14.4 Billion USD

Total exports in 2018


Average 5 Year Growth Rate
in volume for Global Exports

North American Market

$2.8 Billion USD

Five year growth rate for NAFTA market: 3%

EU-28 Market

$4.2 Billion USD

Five year growth rate for EU 28 market: 6%

Asian Markets

Most relevant key markets, compromising 14 countries

$2.8 Billion USD

SHAFFE exports to USMCA countries
Value in billion USD

SHAFFE exports to EU-28
Value in billion USD

SHAFFE exports to key destinations in Asia (Top 14)
Value in billion USD

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