SHAFFE – The Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters.

Established in 1991 as a network of the leading trade organisations in the region which came together to form a common platform for exchange on market access matters in Northern Hemisphere markets, including phytosanitary protocols, food safety, consumption and trade trends.

SHAFFE´s mission is to connect the Hemispheres fresh fruit industry through knowledge sharing, facilitating market access and promoting global fruit trade.

Our vision is barrierless fruit trade with benefits for the entire value chain.

SHAFFE members currently represent 25% of global fruit trade, with 11 million T of export worth US$14 billion and include the leading trade entities in the region including:

  • Argentina (Argentine Chamber of Integrated Fruit Growers-CAFI, Fedecitrus, Argentinian Blueberry Committee)
  • Australia (Horticulture Innovation Australia)
  • Brazil (Abrafrutas - Brazilian Association of Exporting Producers of Fruits and Derivatives)
  • Chile (Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX)
  • New Zealand (New Zealand Apple and Pears)
  • Peru (ProCitrus)
  • South Africa (Fruit South Africa, SATI, CGA, Hortgro, Subtrop, FPEF)
  • Uruguay (Upefruy -The Union of Fruit Producers and Exporters of Uruguay)

SHAFFE has over its more than 30 years of existence undertaken important initiatives, such as setting up data sharing on key crops, organize global membership forums, develop joint research initiatives, analyse and monitor policy changes in global markets as well as provide important exchange and learning opportunities amongst its members.