Secretary General

Nelli Hajdu has been accompanying the strategic development of SHAFFE since 2016, since 2020 as Secretary General of the organisation. Next to engagement for SHAFFE she has been gaining significant experience with regard to perishable trade in her role as Director for Trade Policy and Business Development at Freshfel Europe as well as consultant for the International Trade Center (ITC), where she has been training private sector representatives on market access challenges for perishable trade with regard to SPS, plant health, customs and border control operations. She is specialized in trade facilitation and transition into digital environments and has been accompanying the development of the IPPC ePhyto hub as member of the industry advisory group to the project. Nelli Hajdu is holding a post-graduate master degree from the renowned College of Europe with focus on trade and investment policies.

Senior Advisor

Philippe Binard joined the fresh fruit and vegetable business in 1987 and has a longstanding strategic role within SHAFFE, in shaping the organisations establishment and strategic orientation over the past decades and works - from 1995 - 2020 as Secretary General and now in his role as advisor to the organisation. Philippe has joined the fresh fruit and vegetable business in 1987 and since then has been significantly contributing to the professionalisation of the international fruit and vegetable industry in various roles. He is currently operating as General Delegate of Freshfel Europe - The European Fruit and Vegetable Assocation and as Secretary General for WAPA, the World Apple and Pear Association, which gathers 18 leading apple and pear produciton countries around the world from both the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere. During his career he was further leading the strategic developments of CIMA (European Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Importers Association, 92-2001), ECSLA (European Cold Storage and Logistics Association from, 89-02) as well as ECBTA(European Community Banana Trade Association 93-2010). Philippe has a legal background from the University of Leuven and completed his education with several trainings including with the European Commission.