Call for Application for Lecturers for Masters program in International Communications, Marketing and Management for Fresh Produce Professionals

Deadline: 9th of May 2022

Lecturers wanted for a newly initiated Master’s in International Communications, Marketing and Management for Fresh Produce Professionals
Background information:
The Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters is launching in partnership with leading European Universities and in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation, the very first post-graduate master program on “International Communications, Marketing and Management for fresh produce professionals” with the objective of  strengthening the academic training opportunities for fresh produce industry professionals, by way of offering a fully accredited post-graduate degree. The first edition of the program is foreseen to be launched in October 2022 and will be prolonged to July 2022 and will be held virtually with the working language in English and translation into Chinese and Spanish will be made available. The Masters is comprised by 6 modules, each one consisting of 37.5 lecturing hours and comprised of the following thematic areas:
Academic modules of the Masters Program
For purpose of your application, please review annex 1 for a complete description of the different thematic blocks foreseen for each of the modules.  (DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT HERE)
Who should apply?
We are looking for experienced professionals who have proven abilities to undertake public presentations and enjoy teaching and imparting their experience and knowledge with others and who preferably have post graduate academic qualifications (Masters or Doctorate degrees). The lecturers to form part of this unique Masters program need to have passion and are excited about engaging with professionals from the fresh produce sector, by way of sharing expertise in their area of specialisation and to ultimately support in forming the next generation of leaders of the global fresh produce industry.
Requirements for application:
  • The applicant should complete the attached CV template describing both their academic and professional resume
  • The applicant should also identify which modules they would ideally like to be part of for the master foreseen
  • If chosen for the position, the lecturer would have to prepare up to 8-10 hours of lecturing for the module and block identified
  • Undertake online lectures
  • Provide input for preparing exams and academic papers to be prepared during the study period
Mode of application:
Please provide your information into the specific format provided and attached in annex 2.  (DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT HERE)
Regarding the teaching fees, the maximum rate is 140 €/ hour per lecture, which usually consist of 3-hour sessions. This is the maximum teaching fee per hour and is defined based on an evaluation of the experience and competencies of the potential lecturer.
Please provide your CV in the requested format and contact details until the 9th of May 2022 to
For further information:
For further information please contact the SHAFFE secretariat via: