SHAFFE Master for fruit trade professionals

Today’s fresh produce industry is exposed to a challenging global economic, social, geopolitical, and environmental climate, which needs and deserves the highest possible professionalization and training, to handle the daily operations in an ever-complex environment. Simultaneously, post-graduate education and training possibilities for the highly specialised fruit sector is scarce.
SHAFFE  is currently working towards building a global post-graduate master’s in international management, Marketing and Digital Communications for Fresh Produce Industry Professionals, to fill this educational gap for junior and middle managers operating their daily fruit business in an environment of growing fragmentation, complexity, economic challenges, and new societal and environmental requirements.
The Master is aiming to provide a holistic review of the key challenges within the fruit sector and tools for managing day-to-day operational complexity including the international trade and production environment, marketing, global operations, legal requirements, and strategic elements.
More information will be available soon.