SHAFFE has a rotating bi-annual presidency elected from the country members, hence ensuring a diversity of perspectives.
The organization has an Executive Committee, consisting of current and past Presidents, current Vice President and Deputy Secretary General, which meets regularly to support the role of the Secretary General and the development of the entities projects.
SHAFFE is presided by a President, Vice President, Secretary General and a dedicated team specialized in the areas of Plant Health, Market Access, Sustainability, Health and Nutrition, Data and Project Management and Food Safety.
The SHAFFE secretariat was established in Brussels, Belgium to ensure closer proximity to Northern Hemisphere markets, key policy decision making bodies and generate important synergies and cost savings through the joint coordination of a team of dedicated professionals that manage the day to day operations of various interrelated trade entities, including Freshfel Europe, WAPA and the World Citrus Organization, amongst others.

Presidency 2021-2023


Charif Christian Carvajal

President / Representative of ASOEX, Chile


Marta Bentancur

Vice President / Representative of Upefruy, Uruguay

Past Presidents


Anton Kruger

Past President / Representative of FPEF, South Africa

ATTN - Pip Fruit NZ - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 18 March 2016. Photo by John Cowpland / alphapix

Alan Pollard

Past President / Representative of NZAP, New Zealand



Nelli Hajdu

Secretary General

Europatat Congress 2016

Philippe Binard

Senior Advisor

Team Members

Freshfel Staff Photo

Nicola Pisano

Sustainability, Health and Nutrition

Freshfel Staff Photo

Egle Baecke-Eimontaite

Food Safety and Market Access


Gil Kaufman

Data and Project Management