SHAFFE is a membership driven organization. With the input of the presidency and the members, SHAFFE is developing into an active, agile and influential body in the global fruit trade environment. The organizations benefits from a broad range of experiences and membership diversity that represents the Southern Hemispheres fresh fruit industry.


Argentina exported in 2018 round about 806.000 T of temperate fruit with a market value of $861 mio. USD. Next to key exports to its neighbor Brazil with a market value of $160 mio. USD, Argentina exports in particular to the U.S. with a market value $132 mio. USD and to Russia with a market value of $123 mio. USD. Key trading partner for the time being is the EU-28 with an exported market value of $337 mio. USD and export volume of 313.000 T. Key exports of Argentina comprise apple and pears, lemons and with growing importance berries..

Camara Argentina De Fruticultores Integrados (Cafi)
Mr. Marcelo Loyarte

Irigoyen 717. Flat 1.
8324 Rio Negro

Tel + 54 299 477 39 28
Fax + 54 299 477 39 30

Mr. Jorge Amigo

Lavalle 3161 – P.B. “C”
1190AAI Buenos Aires

Tel + 54 11 4865 03 84
Fax + 54 11 4865 03 84

Argentinian Blueberry Committee
Ms. Carla Ginobili

Juramento 2059, 7 mo of. 706
C1428DNG Buenos Aires


In 2018 Australia exported 385.000 T of fresh fruit with a market value of $772 mio. USD. Given its location, Australia’s exports focus in particular on the Asian markets with exports to China worth $265 mio USD, Hong Kong with a market value o $83 mio. USD and Japan with $77 mio. USD of exports. Australia’s fruit exports have been growing by an average rate of 9.5% in the past 5 years. Exports are dominated by grapes, oranges and cherries.

Citrus Australia
Mr. Nathan Hancock

94 Lemon Avenue
Mildura VIC 3500
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Brazil has exported in 2018 more than 508.000 T of temperate fruit with a market value of $428 mio. USD. Main trading partners is the EU-28 with roughly $372 mio.USD of export value, followed by texports to Bangladesh worth $13 mio USD and the US and Russia, both with a market value of $9 mio. USD. Key export commodities are melons, apple, lemon and grapes.

Abrafrutas – Associação Brasileira dos Produtores Exportadores de Frutas e Derivados
Mr. Jorge de Souza

National Confederation of Agriculture of Brazil
St. de Grandes Áreas Norte – North Wing,
Brasília – Distrito Federal do Brasil, 70830-903


Chile is a heavy weight among the Southern Hemisphere exporters with a total current export of roughly 2.7 mio. T and $5 billion USD mt value. Among the highly diversified outlets of Chile, China with a market value of roughly $1.38 billionUSD followed by the U.S with a a marekt value of $ 1.34 billion USD are the leading single countries in Chile`s export ranking. The EU-28 amounts round about $950 million USD of Chile’s export value. Chilean fruit exports have grown on an 5-year average pace of roughly 5%. The leading commodities are grapes and cherries followed by berries, apples and avocados.

ASOEX – Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX)
Mr. Charif Christian Carvajal M.

Calle Cruz del Sur 133, Second Floor – Las Condes

Tel + 56 2 472 47 00
Fax + 56 2 206 41 63

New Zealand

New Zealand has been exporting roughly 943.000 T with a total value of $2.2 billion USD with key outlets in Europe worth $425 mio. USD, China with a market value of $417 mio. USD and Japan with $360 mio. USD. New Zealand has been growing an average of 11.75 % in the past 5 years. New Zealands exports are dominated by kiwi and apples.

New Zealand Apple and Pears
Mr. Alan Pollard

507 Eastbourne Street West
PO Box 11094 Hastings
New Zealand

Tel + 64 6 873 7080
Fax + 64 6 873 7089


Peru is a kickstarter among the Southern Hemisphere exporters and has been growing at an average pace of 17.5% with no phasing out in sight yet. In 2018, Peru’s exports amounted around 844.000 T worth more than $2.12 billion USD. Key outlets are currently EU-28 with a market value of roughly $931 million USD, the U.S. with a market value of $744 million USD and with a high growth rate exports to China, currently worth $102 million USD. Growth driving commodities are Avocadoes, Grapes and Berries.

Mr. Sergio del Castillo

Av. Nicolás Arriola 314 of 903, La Victoria
Lima 13

Telephone: +51 1 2261952


Uruguay is with regard to geographical size, population and production, the smallest country among the SHAFFE membership. Uruguay is currently exporting roughly 63 mio. T with a market value of $48 mio. USD. It is currently focusing on the EU-28 market, which describes roughly 50% of Uruguays exports with a market value of $26 mio. USD, followed by the U.S market with $10 mio. USD. Uruguay’s key export commodities are various citrus varieties and with growing trend: berries.

Upefruy – The Union of Fruit Producers and Exporters of Uruguay
Ms. Marta Betancour

Rincón 487 of. 314
CP 11.000
Montevideo Uruguay

Tel +598 2916 0635

South Africa

South Africa, with a current export volume of 3.15 mio T worth $3 billion USD, is leading the ranking with regard to tonnages shipped. Exports have been growing at a sustainable pace of round about 4% over the past five years. The EU-28 remains South Africa’s key trading partner with a market value of $1.4 billion USD, followed by diversified outlets eg. to the Arab Emirates with a market value of $152 mio. USD and China with $148 mio USD. At the heart of South Africa’s exports: citrus, grapes and apples.

Fruit South Africa
Ms. Konanani Liphadzi

Grain Building
Agri-Hub Office Park
477 Whiterite Road
The Willows
South Africa

Tel: + 27 12 007 1150

  • CGA – Citrus Grower’s Association
  • Hortgro
  • SATI – South African Table Grape Industry
  • Subtrop – South African Subtropical Grower’s Association
  • FPEF – Fresh Produce Exporters Forum